Why choose Kidscape over other child care centers?

There are many reasons why you should choose us to care for your child.  Listed below are just a few of them.

    •  Safety – We assure your child’s safety in a number of ways.  We have color cameras in every classroom that are monitored and recorded.  Parents and visitors must enter a code to gain access though our secure front doors.  Anyone picking up a child from our center must show picture ID until we are familiar with them.  We do background checks on all employees and train them all in CPR, First Aid, and Universal Precautions.  Our staff follow strict guidelines on dispensing any medications to children.  Our vehicles, playground equipment, and all classroom equipment are properly maintained and go through monthly inspections.  These are just a few of the ways we assure your child’s safety.
    • Highly trained, caring, and compassionate teachers – We can say it enough…. We have the best teachers anywhere.  They are highly trained, both with the degrees and certifications that they hold and the many trainings and professional developments they attend throughout each year.  Our teachers are also extremely caring and compassionate.  We won’t have it any other way.  Since Kidscape opened, we have always said that we would only want teachers that we would feel comfortable leaving our own children with.  Kidscape teachers are passionate about your child’s happiness and growth and provide a safe, nurturing environment that cultivates self-esteem. This is more than a job for our teachers. It is their Profession.  It’s an opportunity for them to share their passion for life while they inspire, engage, and awaken the wonder inside each and every child and foster a lifetime love of learning.
    • Family owned – You won’t find a “corporate” feel at our centers.  You will see the director at the center every day.  We are both personally invested in the centers, have been here since Kidscape started in 2001, and care about the teachers, children, and parents that attend them.  It is our desire for every classroom to be the best that it can be and for each center to provide the best care for every child that attends.
    • Partnership with families  – We know that in order for us to take the best care of any child, we must partner with their families.  One way that we do this is by communicating both orally and in written form with parents daily about what their child’s needs are and what their child did that day.  Parent conferences are also done at minimum one time per year to discuss your child’s growth and development.
    • Large Classrooms – All of our classrooms are much larger than required by the state.  We feel that children need lots of space to explore and learn.  We make an investment in our students by giving them the extra space they need instead of squeezing the maximum number of allowed students into each space.  Many of our rooms are twice the size required by the state.
    •  Kindergarten Program – We have a state licensed Kindergarten teacher at each location.  Many centers have Kindergarten teachers with no degree.  Our Kindergarten also boasts very small teacher to student ratio allowing for very small class sizes.