Summer Program and Kindergarten Registration

We offer a wonderful Full-Day Licensed Kindergarten Program.  Each location has a licensed Kindergarten teacher.  Smaller class sizes are also an extra benefit of our Kindergarten Program.  Unlike traditional schools where a teacher may have one class of 30 students or two half-day classes of 25 – 30 each, our Kindergarten has a maximum of 15 students.  This is a wonderful benefit that allows more time to be spent on your child.  We also offer a full day of instruction every day rather than the half day or alternate full day schedules that many school districts have switched to.  All meals are included in our Kindergarten price and there are no textbook fees.

Each location uses the Saxon Phonics, Spelling, and Math Curriculums that many school districts use.  Parents of former students are constantly contacting us and telling us that their child’s first grade teachers are so impressed with all of the knowledge they had coming into first grade.  Your child will be far better prepared for first grade coming out of our Kindergarten program than any traditional school Kindergarten.

Another advantage of our Kindergarten program is that your before and after care are included.  You also don’t have to worry about transportation for your child to school from daycare.  We also provide care on days that the township schools are closed or off for break.

Our summer program is amazing!  Children go on daily field trips to many exciting places around the area.  Some examples of field trips are swimming, bowling, skating, local parks, many different museums, the movies, and many other exciting trips.  We keep our school agers extremely active and on the go.  The best part is all field trips are included in your weekly price.  There is never a time that you will have to make payment for the field trips.  Space is very limited so call now to reserve a summer program spot.