At Kidscape we believe that parents and families are the most important people in the child’s life. We strive to work in a partnership with families that best benefit the child. Our doors are always open to families and they are encouraged to actively participate in our program and visit at any time.  We believe that every child is unique and develops at his or her own rate. We work hard to provide a developmentally appropriate program that focuses on the process of learning.  We provide an ideal environment with a nurturing staff for your child to learn and grown in.  We believe that a stable, safe, healthy, and culturally relevant environment is crucial to a child’s physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and creative growth. We view children as competent and knowledgeable, and provide classrooms that enrich and challenge the process of self expression and exploration for growth.

Our curriculum is designed to guide children to discover new information, skills and concepts.  The curriculum is based to teach the children the best social, emotional, and academic experiences as well as well as help them build confidence.  We believe in positive guidance at Kidscape and that establishing constant age appropriate limits helps child learn how to better interact.  We also teach children how to express feelings with their peers helping them gain social skills. Most of all we believe that all children can learn when put in the right environment and given the right tools.  We feel that we provide those here at Kidscape and look forward to teaching and caring for your child.